Summer 2020

Ive been soo busy this summer spending time on the water so there has been a small break in my posts. The new IQFoil equipment has arrived and i’m spending as much time sailing it as possible to get a feel for things. Every session I am seeing improvements and having so much fun out on the water in Portland Harbour!

There has been a large group of us all training in Weymouth over the summer and it has been great sailing with so many other passionate windsurfers all learning how to foil and race together. The IQFoil world Championships changed their name to the international games and so we are going to Lake Garda in Italy in mid October to test our skills on the world stage!

I have just started my second year at university in Southampton, with all online lectures, which works rather well as i can join in, even when traveling around the country to different windsurfing venues.

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